We are a group of indigenous artists from Wisconsin. Our artists come from different walks of life, and some are college students, parents, and full-time workers. Some artists may not be taking custom orders, or releasing products for sale regularly as the level of commitment is up to them. We will share our artists and promotions of their work.

Shekolí Katsitsya’ˀ tahts níyúkyats. Paige niyukyáts o’slu•nikéha. Onyota?a•ka’ a?nowalha•ka’•ne’• niwaki?talo’•t^

Hello, my name is she extends out a flower. My English name is Paige. I am Oneida – People of the Standing Stone, and my clan is Turtle.

I am an artist, and the founder of Moody NDN. I did my first beadwork project at my middle school, and learned raised beadwork during high school. During undergrad, I learned how to make beaded earrings and quillwork from some amazing college friends/sisters(Kara & Melissa Besaw). I have been learning bead and quillwork techniques over the years.

I am a teaching artist, too. Since graduating undergrad, I have been teaching beadwork and quillwork workshops throughout Wisconsin. It truly is a passion, and I love connecting with others through art.

Shekoli, my name is Jacqueline Gerhardt. I am Bear Clan of the Oneida Nation of WI. I took a moccasin making class with Breezy at the Site II recreation building in Oneida. From there I slowly started beading other things. I enjoy doing various types of different art forms.

Join Moody NDN!

Moody NDN is seeking indigenous artists in the Oneida, WI area to join our partnership! If you are new to selling your artwork, and have an interest in getting your work promoted on this website and our social media, this may be the opportunity for you to get started. Please email us so we can connect and discuss more details!