We believe living life is about expressing your full range of emotions. In other words, being moody. Laughter and a little bit of teasing is a part of being Indian. Native people have used humor with others to ease tension for both individuals and the community as a whole. By exploring our moody tendencies, and using laughter, we can get along better.

What is Moody NDN?

Moody NDN is an indigenous collective to encourage healing and good medicine that comes from beadwork, quillwork, artwork, and more. Moody NDN is a creative outlet. We are a group of indigenous artists from Wisconsin.

Where is Moody NDN located?

We are primarily located in Oneida, WI and Madison, WI.

How many artists are a part of Moody NDN?

There are currently eight Moody NDN artists. We hope to seek more indigenous artists in the future. If you would like more information, send us an email at moodyndn@gmail.com.